Rain is coming, now is the time to prepare!

Rain is coming
Rain over house

Florida’s Wet Season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to prepare your home for the impending doom that is Florida’s daily 15-minute afternoon showers. Florida’s wet season begins in May and ends in October, six months of rain that can really put a beating on your property if you haven’t prepared for it. Keep scrolling down for a checklist of places you should inspect before heavy rains do damage.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin


Inspect your roof – Unless it’s raining sideways, a majority of the rainfall is going to hit your roof, therefore you this is the first place you should check. Check your roof for damaged or missing shingles.

Inspect your ceiling – Check your interior walls and the ceilings for any sign of damage or cracks. This can be a good indicator if your roof is leaking. Maybe take a quick scan next time it rains as well.

Clear and check gutters –  Throughout the year gutters can become clogged or damaged. Clear away any debris and ensure your gutters are ready to wash the itsy-bitsy spider out.

Trim trees and clear debris – Heavy rainfall can also mean heavy winds. You might want to check the foliage around your home to make sure there’s nothing that can damage your home or vehicles.

Inspect your basement…… Just Kidding

Keep Electronics off the floor – Things happen and sometimes all we can do is prepare. Keeping electronics and cables of the floor is an easy way to minimize damage.

Relax – Once you’ve ensured your home is ready for the rain, it’s time to sit back relax and binge some Netflix on the couch while the rain falls outside.



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